Best Weight Loss Pills and Supplements for Men in 2022

Have you ever asked yourself how can you lose weight quickly and effectively? Then most likely that you have thought about asking help from others.

They may have told you about certain exercise routines they are currently doing or have done in the past but you still struggle with losing weight despite mimicking their weight loss regimen. Sometimes, it is not all about physical exercises and dieting, but also taking the necessary supplements to achieve your body goals.

In fact, research has shown that exercising does very little to contribute to weight loss. However, dieting contributes around 80% in losing weight which includes food intake and dietary supplements. In which case, using dietary supplements does not automatically boost your metabolism or cut down your weight but they are there to help your body regulate the necessary nutrients for losing weight.

For a quick refresher, let us explain what weight loss supplements and pills are.

What is Considered a Weight Loss Supplement?

According to the National Institute of Health, weight loss supplements are tablets, pills, powder, or any ingestible that contributes in losing weight. The effects will depend on the potency of the supplement or pill, and with additional diet and physical activity, these supplements will prove to be effective.

It is most important to remember that weight loss supplements alone will do almost nothing in losing weight without a proper balanced diet and exercise. With that said, as the name suggests, supplements only provide supplementary nutrients such as protein, fiber, and minerals, to induce the body into losing weight.

Are Weight Loss Supplements Effective?

For sure, almost all of us want to lose weight in a short span of time without doing anything, since exercising can actually be hectic and tiring. Most of us also have work and other responsibilities that hinder us in doing physical activities and exercising. And sure enough, a lot of us also see ads for weight loss supplements that claim to reduce your weight even without exercise and maintaining an unhealthy diet.

The truth is, most of those dietary supplements and weight loss pills actually do more harm than good to our body. To reiterate, weight loss supplements will only work if partnered with good exercising habits and a balanced, healthy diet. Now that you know what should be done alongside taking supplements, this is why you should try these weight loss pills and supplements that are proven to be effective.

To further your knowledge in this matter, read this.

Weight Loss Supplements that are Proven to be Effective

Weight loss supplements do not automatically guarantee dramatic weight loss as a lot of weight loss supplement companies claim to be. In this article, effectivity will be judged by this criteria:

    1. Accessibility
    2. Result
    3. Side Effects

Why these criteria? Here are our reasons:

  • Accessibility - The weight loss supplements that require a doctor’s prescription to acquire are immediately not going to be in this list.
  • Result - The weight loss supplement in question must bear conclusive and evident results to be put in this list.
  • Side Effects - While it is true that a lot of medicine nowadays carry side effects when consumed, there are side effects that are less visible, sometimes even non-existent. For a weight loss supplement to be deemed effective, it should not possess any harmful side effects.

Now that the requirements are set, let us start with the list of best weight loss and supplements.

(The following list is not in order of any sort, all of them are equally effective)

NUTREX Lipo 6 Hardcore

NUTREX Lipo 6 Hardcore is considered as a fat burner or a supplement that helps in burning excess fat leading to less weight and visible thinning. Lipo 6 is a type of supplement called a thermogenic formula.

What does this mean? It means that Lipo 6 Hardcore stimulates the body’s energy-making process to burn the fats more instead of muscle tissues and other energy sources from the body. This leads to a leaner look on your muscles while trimming excess fat surrounding it.

• Accessibility

NUTREX Lipo 6 Hardcore can be bought both online and physically. Just go to an authorized NUTREX dealer or seller and you will be able to acquire one.

• Result

These results and testimonials came from both a fitness enthusiast and an average person that wanted to lose weight. Here are their statements.

Joseph, 26, Fitness Instructor

Way back in 2020 when the pandemic first started, I thought to myself that it’s going to be hard for me since I work as a fitness instructor, which needs physical contact with other people.

I had to resort to teaching online but it did not end too well as people are got more depressed and sad, which made it hard for them to do physical activities. Due to this, I gained weight because of stress-eating and sleeping late at night. I gained around 8 kilograms just because of that.

As the pandemic went on, I gained more weight and I started losing confidence. When Alert Level 1 was announced, I was so happy since I will be able to work again; but with my body, I might not be fit for the role anymore, so I had to lose weight quickly.

I saw this ad from Facebook about Lipo 6 and I tried it. I partnered it with exercise and a healthy diet and boom, I am back with my usual size and weight again; just with better toned and accented muscles.

Kyle, 20, Student

A lot of my friends are already going to the gym and building their bodies. I tried working out, too, but it really is just not for me so I had to resort to other means.

When browsing for good full body exercises, I came across arnis and told myself that I want to try this and be good at it.

For a while, arnis worked the best for me in building muscles and losing some weight but exercising can only do so much. I only managed to build up most of my arm and leg muscles due to the nature of arnis as a combat sport but my belly still somewhat remains flabby so I said to myself that I had to do something about it.

This is when I found out about Lipo 6. Actually, a friend told me about it because he also used it and Lipo 6 has proven effective for him.

First, I was hesitant so I just asked for a little bit of the product from him. I tried it in the first week and actually did some dieting and Lipo 6 actually worked. I lost a good amount of fat and built some muscles, too.

Now, I don’t feel that insecure about my belly anymore, and Lipo 6 helped me with my agility, too.

• Side Effects

According to NUTREX Research, there are some side effects that you should watch out when using Lipo 6 Hardcore. Here are some of the side effects that you might encounter:

    1. Rapid Heart Beat
    2. Nausea
    3. Diarrhea
    4. Nervousness
    5. Sleeping problems
    6. Feeling shaky or jittery

Skinny Glow

When it comes to weight loss pills and supplements, nothing can beat a product that is made with 100% natural ingredients. Skinny Glow is a weight loss pill and a wellness supplement both at the same time. This means that you can have the benefit of losing weight and keeping your body healthy and balanced.

Skinny Glow possesses a variety of natural slimming components such as green tea extract, calamansi extract, and marine collagen that also make your skin look good.

• Accessibility

In terms of accessibility, Skinny Glow can be bought at authorized sellers and at Primelife Wellness’ official website.

• Result

The Good Vites Company has a reputation for effective products most especially since they use quality natural ingredients. There are a lot of positive reviews regarding Skinny Glow so here are some testimonials of the users.

Jae, 23, Gym Enthusiast

I started using Skinny Glow by chance. It was that time that I forgot to buy my weight loss pills. I started my day with a good morning workout and a healthy breakfast but then I remembered that I forgot to buy some of my weight loss pills yesterday during my grocery shopping run. I was kind of in a panic since I needed to take my weight loss supplement already since I was done working out and it was my routine so I asked my sister if she still had some of her supplement.

Fortunately, she still had some so I asked if I can use some for today only. I asked my sister if it is effective and she said that it works wonders and it is even cheaper than most supplements, mine included, so I experimented and shifted to it for the whole month.

Guess what? It is now my go-to weight loss supplement that even my girlfriend uses. She loved the glowing skin that resulted from using Skinny Glow. In just a span of a month, I retained my body and this is good for me since now I have a cheaper option and it works the same, maybe even better, than my previous weight loss pills. I 100% recommend Skinny Glow, not just for women, but for men, too!

Geoffrey, 19, Fitness Guru

My fitness journey started when I was 18. It was that time that I was looking for a cheap weight loss supplement to help me lose weight since I weigh 96 kilograms. I read somewhere that exercising will not be enough to lose weight so I asked around and they told me that weight loss pills actually do help in losing weight but it takes effort to be consistent.

Anyway, I looked for good weight loss pills and a lot of products popped up in the first page but one of the products caught my eye since it says something along the lines of all natural.

Of course, a lot would think that all natural products are always good, and it actually is. I started partnering up Skinny Glow with a variety of breakfast salads and vegetable smoothies and all I can say is it worked like a charm.

In just a span of a year, I already lost a quarter of my previous weight and my muscles have become more toned and shaped.

• Side Effects

There are no known side effects of Skinny Glow but it is advisable to not use it if you are taking any prescription medicines unless approved by your physician.

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Herbalife Aloe-Tea-Shake Set

A lot of weight loss supplements come in pill or powder form but this one comes in as a set. You need to use them all to get ideal results since the set complements each other. If this set is used in the right way, it is going to be a good weight loss supplement that will help you both lose weight and maintain good health.

In a sense, this product is a sort of 3-in-1 combo of weight loss supplements since it has aloe juice, green tea (a popular slimming ingredient), and lastly, a natural protein shake. When combined, these 3 products can go a long way in your journey to losing weight.

• Accessibility

This product is all over the internet and online shopping applications so it is easily accessible to any customer, plus a lot of physical sellers actually offer this. A fair warning, not all online postings are genuine and some may sell you fake, expired, or imitation products that will likely not provide the benefits of the real one and might also be harmful for your body.

• Results

The customers that bought this item were all equally happy because the product is effective for them. This may not work for everyone but most of the customers and testimonies beg to differ.

Avi, 32, House-husband

So way back, I had a built body and a good fat to muscle ratio which is something I was proud of. I felt confident enough to go shirtless even in the streets and I sometimes even use them as a means to get a job like construction work or carpentry in our town.

Now that I’ve become a house-husband here in Manila, I lost the time to workout even in the mornings. My responsibilities were so heavy that I couldn't find time to do exercises, not even push-ups and stretches. As time goes by, more and more fats accumulated in my body which made me not confident enough anymore.

I always wore baggy clothes to hide my fats and body but all of this changed when my friend introduced me to this product. At first, I was hesitant to try it since I know that supplements do not make all the difference. But I told myself that what is the harm in trying and so I tried it.

It took weeks to show a noticeable difference but it is there. I saw myself slimming and recovering what my body previously looked like despite my age and I was able to look at myself in the mirror again. I am not entirely sure about the exact weight I lost but it is around 5 kilograms after 2 weeks.

Kenji, 24, Fitness Enthusiast

It was 2021 when I saw a post regarding this certain product and how it helped them lose weight. It got me interested since at that time, I hit an “overweight” BMI, which is a first time for me, and it bothered me quite a bit since I never went past normal BMI.

I was looking for good products and social media posts like good weight loss pills or supplements and I came across a post where they said that it worked for him. I was intrigued so I researched more about it and how to buy it. I found one in Shopee and bought the set. I was scared to use it but I still tried it.

Now, my BMI is back to normal and I can see growth in my muscles (which are the most used part of my body).

• Side Effects

Herbalife’s products are not 100% pure organic but most of their products are beneficial to the public. However, there are reports of side effects whenever they take the weight loss supplement. Here are some examples of the possible side effects of the Herbalife tea set.

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Urinating more than usual
  • Diarrhea


Weight loss supplements are only there to supply an extra amount of nutrients for your body to process and digest. This means that it only helps your body to reprogram that you need to burn fats first.

There is no known scientific research that proves weight loss pills or supplements will give a dramatic change in your physical appearance but rather support you in doing so.

To lose weight effectively, plan your a healthy diet accordingly, do workouts and exercises to keep your muscles and stamina at work, and use weight loss supplements that are proven to be effective and have the approval of the Food and Drug Administration.

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